Compressor Facilities

As part of the original proposal, Constitution Pipeline Company proposed to construct a 32,000 horsepower gas turbine compressor station located in Schoharie, NY. However, in an attempt to further reduce environmental and landowner impacts, Constitution Pipeline Company has reached an agreement with Iroquois Gas Transmission to expand its existing Wright compressor station to accomplish the same objectives as the original proposal. 

To learn more about Iroquois’ Wright Interconnect Project, click here.

Compressor Stations

Compressor stations, sometimes called pumping stations, are the “engine” that powers an interstate natural gas pipeline. As the name implies, the compressor station compresses the natural gas, (increasing its pressure) to push the gas through the pipeline.

Most compressor stations are automated so that the compressors can be started, controlled and stopped from a central control location regardless of the weather conditions, time of day, or day of the week. The automation system also acts to protect the equipment, facility, and surrounding area in the event that the equipment is not operating as it was intended. The operators of the system continuously monitor and adjust the mix of compressors that are running to maximize efficiency as well as keeping detailed operating data on each compressor station. The control center also can remotely operate shut-off valves along the pipeline system.


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